2014 Spring Technical Forum

2014 Spring Technical Forum


Presented by NCTA, SCTE and CableLabs®, the 2014 Spring Technical Forum brings together some of cable's top technology thinkers and strategies in a focused conference at The Cable Show 2014 devoted to critical technology issues. At the Forum, you'll hear peer-reviewed authors share insights and ideas about subjects including:

Scale Tale: A Forward view of Cable's Data Network Architecture

From the perils and pitfalls of disposable domains to the question of how far to push fiber into networks, critical issues behind network architecture take centerstage as experts share research findings and solutions tied to advancements in cable data networking performance and capability.

Discovery points:

  • Impact of disposable domains on DNS traffic and caching infrastructure
  • The emerging physical layer standard for EPoC networks
  • Network usage patterns and the transition to DOCSIS 3.1
  • Scaling CCAP to meet emerging capacity demands
  • The role of external APIs in optimizing DOCSIS 3.1 networks

To the Hotspot and Beyond: Advanced Ideas for Cable Wireless Networks

A focus on wireless networking, exploring hot-button issues including the emerging "Internet of Things," the relationship of device form factor to Wi-Fi performance, how competing in-home services affect network performance, and more. A deep dive into a rapidly changing component of the cable customer experience.

Discovery points:

  • The interplay of network performance and device form factor
  • Power and battery consumption versus application optimization
  • Options for assuring QoS in a multi-service environment

Elevating the Experience: Techniques and Technologies for Operational Excellence

Service differentiation as a competitive advantage is just one of the focal points for a wide-ranging series of presentations and dialogue taking place at the intersection of technology and customer experience. Find out how leading practitioners are deploying smart technologies to deliver and sustain best-in-class service.

Discovery points:

  • Statistical process control of key performance indicators
  • Software tools for real-time remote analysis and troubleshooting
  • An early look at DOCSIS 3.1 physical layer simulation and analysis
  • Easing data center demands with LightWeight Polling for IPTV notifications
  • Advanced troubleshooting using topology detail
  • Findings and guidelines for video over Wi-Fi deployments
  • New techniques for nonlinear distortion measurements in digital plant

Doing Just PHYne: Bandwidth Increases for Cable Networks

There's untapped capacity lurking in cable's HFC networks. Find out how to harness it as thought leaders share detailed findings about using remote PHY to improve performance, moving RF modulation to the node, implementing Remote DOCSIS Timing Interface, and much more.

Discovery points:

  • Design guidelines for achieving more bandwidth via remote PHY
  • Advantages of Ethernet optical links within cable networks
  • Updates to the Downstream External PHY Interface (DEPI)
  • Exploring alternative distributed architectures for a data-centric world
  • Side-by-side comparisons of access architectures for cable

From CDNs to Streaming Clouds: Advanced Approaches for Video Delivery

These days, there's a lot more to television than what appears on the screen. Find out how leading engineers and developers are devising solutions for next-gen video services that involve closed-captioning service delivery, new ways to achieve faster channel changes in an IP environment, calculating cloud DVR peak demand and more.

Discovery points:

  • Closed captioning in a changing CPE environment
  • Scaling of DOCSIS IP multicast streams
  • Estimating stream demand for cloud DVR deployments
  • Transitioning to IP video for the big screen
  • Adopting unified caching to improve resiliency and efficiency
  • Leveraging web application principles for video delivery

When TV Speaks IP: The Transition to a New Video Environment

As a generational transition in video delivery nears, leading engineers and technologists share insights around the tools, technologies and best practices that will influence the way cable delivers and manages a wealth of IP video content. From provisioning for cloud DVR demand to sustaining high-quality streaming to big-screen TV sets, the critical subjects are here.

Discovery points:

  • Advantages of adaptive HTTP streaming
  • QoE for IP streaming to the big screen
  • Multi-tuner DVR usage and implications for cloud DVR
  • Solutions for delivering premium content to any device
  • An SDN approach for assuring video quality
  • Virtualized software transcoding for cloud TV services

The Big, Big Picture: Technology Implications of Ultra HD

A promising new television format will bring forth myriad technical considerations for cable companies, ranging from bandwidth requirements to transcoding practices. Get an early glimpse of what's in store as experts in "Ultra High Definition" share research and recommendations for delivering best-in-class Ultra HD experiences across a variety of devices.

Discovery points:

  • Bandwidth requirements for 10 bit video profiles
  • Transcoding Ultra HD files for optimal playback on any device
  • Leveraging HDMI 2.0 and HEVC for Ultra HD delivery

My How You've Grown: Emerging Data Demand. . . and How to Satisfy It

The staying power of coax-to-the-home, the promise of Radio Frequency over Glass (RFOG) and an attack plan to combat Optical Beat Interference (OBI) are among topics introduced by experts who share projections for future data consumption, and technology solutions for staying ahead of the curve.

Discovery points:

  • New approaches for network traffic estimation and sizing
  • The move to RFoG, and what it means for capacity
  • Taming the OBI beast: best practices and techniques
  • Future network evolution paths and predictions
  • Access network infrastructures for 2030…and beyond

Redefining the Network: SDN, Virtualization and Service Velocity

Once abstract concepts, Software Defined Networking and network virtualization are now gaining traction as potential solutions for easing network functionality demands, improving service consistency and speeding time to market. Hear how these breakthrough technologies are igniting a creative rethinking of how cable networks operate and perform.

Discovery points:

  • Bringing network virtualization to the home
  • How virtualized CPE improves network performance
  • Advantages of SDN for rapid service deployment
  • SDN and implications for commercial services automation

Thinking Big: Data Extraction and Analysis for Improved Performance

Discover how "Big Data" concepts and intelligent analysis of information can apply to the cable ecosystem from both network and customer experience perspectives. In addition to explaining Big Data concepts and collection approaches, experts share ideas for understanding user behavior, analyzing performance and applying findings to the cable operating environment.

Discovery points:

  • Extracting global intelligence for predictive modelling of QoE
  • Stateful tools for optimizing network performance
  • Collecting raw, disparate event data in a federated manner
  • Drawing our correlations that produce actionable insights